Who we are

SE Construction is a construction company with a solid background in business ownership, development, sustainable LEED building, design build, contracting know-how, and an entrepreneurial spirit. SE Construction was founded to serve the needs of owners looking for quality workmanship. 


Our company values


At the heart of SE Construction is the belief that if one pillar is weak the system is unstable. If the foundation is weak, it cannot support the load placed thereon. To be socially equitable, environmentally sustainable and economically viable, the pillars must be supported on a solid foundation of trust, synergy and value.

Trust – Having confidence in and reliance upon the character, ability, strength and integrity of one another
Fairness – Marked by impartiality and honesty, free from self-interest, prejudice or favoritism
Synergy – Increased effectiveness of an empowered team for a shared success of a common goal – your project.


Our safety values

 Safety Awareness is the responsibility of everyone on the job site. Thru daily job safety meetings (tailboard meetings), recognizing and rewarding safe practices, and encouraging without criticism, hiring sub-contractors who already have a positive safety record and encouraging safety on and off the job site goes a long way in creating a mindset of maintaining safety on all our projects.